Franchise Committee


  •  Lisa Olson: Chairman
    Term Expires: June 2018
  •  Ben Berg: Vice Chairman
    Term Expires: June 2018
  •  Dave Shomento 
    Term Expires: June 2018

  •  Kent Kossen 
    Term Expires: June 2018
  •  Shaun Sipma
    Term Expires:  June 2018


To coordinate the efforts of the City Council and utility companies in establishing limited franchise to provide electrical service, telephone service, natural gas service, cable television and street lighting to the City of Minot.

Appointment, Membership, Term

Appointed by the Mayor to two year terms commencing on the date of the City Council Reorganization meeting following the regular biennial municipal election.


General Control by City Council - Section 1-9 and Appendix B of the Code of Ordinances.
Revised 6/2016