Park Board


  •  Nancy Beck, President
    Term:June 2018
  • Cliff Hovda, Vice President
    Term: June 2020
  •  Charles Emery  
    Term: June 2018

  • John Drady  
    Term: June 2018
  • Steve Wharton
    Term: June 2020


To govern the efficient operation of the City of Minot park system.

Appointment, Membership, Term

The members shall be elected by the qualified electors of the park district for four year terms. The board shall consist of five members and shall be elected at the regular city elections. Vacancies shall be filled by the board until the next regular election of members thereof at which time such vacancies shall be filled by election for the unexpired term.


Chapter 40-49, North Dakota Century Code.
Revised 6/2017