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  1. Churches

    Get a full list of churches located within Minot.

  2. Climate

    The Minot area has four distinct season - spring, summer, fall and winter. Summers tend to be quite warm and dry, which provides an excellent environment for many of North Dakota's outdoor activities such as golf, fishing, swimming, etc.

  3. Educational Opportunities

    Learn about the various places in Minot to receive an education.

  4. History

    View the long a rich history of the City of Minot.

  5. Location

    Find out where Minot is located in relation to other places in North Dakota.

  6. News Media Companies

    View the various media outlets that are located within Minot.

  7. Population

    Learn about the population of Minot and how it's changed over the last several years.

  8. Transportation Services

    Learn how you can get around around in Minot.

  9. Typical Housing Costs

    Take a look at how much average rental properties go for as well as houses within Minot.

  10. Utility Companies

    View all of the companies that offer utility services within Minot.

  11. Election Information