More Boards and Committees

  1. All Season Arena Board of Directors

    This board shall have the function of managing and operating the All Seasons Arena on an annual basis.

  2. Board of Appeals

    This board's purpose is to hear appeals from decisions of building officials regarding interpretations of the building code regulations.

  3. Buyout Appeals Committee

    Discover the members that make up the Buyout Appeals Committee.

  4. Civil Service Commission

    This Commission provides advice and counsel on matters pertaining to personnel management, at the request of the City Council.

  5. Commission on Aging

    This board's purpose is to facilitate the understanding of various problems and implement programs to assist our senior citizens and elderly.

  6. Convention Visitors Bureau Committee

    The purpose of the this committee is to promote, develop, invite and encourage all types of state, regional and national conventions to meet in the City of Minot.

  7. Electrical Board

  8. Heating and Air Conditioning Board

    The Board is the body to which any person feeling aggrieved under any interpretation by the Mechanical Inspector of any of the provisions of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning code (Chapter 17 of the City of Minot Code of Ordinances) relating to installation or construction, shall have the right to appeal.

  9. Housing Authority

    The purpose of this authority is to aid in the planning, undertaking and carrying out of housing authority projects in the City of Minot.

  10. Liaison Committee

    This committee was created to improve communications, search for ways to provide services cooperatively, and to provide for a decreased tax burden for City of Minot and Ward County citizens.

  11. Library Board

    The purpose of this board is to adopt rules and regulations relating to the duties of the Board and for the management of the library, to control the expenditures of the library fund, to supervise library property.

  12. Municipal Port Authority Board

    A port authority may operate a port that includes all real and personal property, structures, machinery, equipment, and appurtenances or facilities that are part of the port or used or useful in connection with the port either as facilities for the convenience or handling equipment, passengers, and freight or as part of port or port facilities operation.

  13. Plumbing Board

    The Board is the body to which any person may appeal any interpretation of intent of the plumbing code (Chapter 26 of Code of Ordinances) by the Plumbing Inspector relating to plumbing installation or construction.