Posted on: April 26, 2017

Legislature approves $193 million for flood protection projects within Minot city limits

The City of Minot’s flood protection efforts received a significant funding boost this week, as the North Dakota Legislature on Wednesday gave final approval to legislation providing $193 million for flood control projects within the city.

“It’s incredible to have this funding secured,” said City of Minot City Manager Tom Barry. “With this bill, the future of flood control in Minot is significantly more clear.”

House Bill 1020 provides the City with a measure of clarity as construction on the initial three phases of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project is expected to begin this fall.

The $193 million will fund the state’s portion of the first four phases of Minot’s flood protection plan through 2025 and the tieback levees needed. The estimated total cost for the initial four phases is $324.8 million; the City of Minot’s share is an estimated $131.8 million. The first four phases, along with the tieback levees, would protect approximately 60 percent of at-risk properties which will be in the new Federal Emergency Management Agency flood plain when the Flood Insurance Rate Maps become active in the city.

As part of the legislation, the Souris River Joint Board and the City of Minot would not be able to request more flood protection funding until the 2025 legislative session for work in the City limits.

The first four phases of the Minot flood protection plan include:

-Phase 1. The 4th Avenue project is located between just west of Broadway and just east of Third Street NE. The project includes floodwalls, earthen levees, a large pump station and other features. This phase is designed to protect a portion of northeast Minot.

-Phase 2. The Napa Valley portion of the project begins at the west edge of Minot at the Highway 83 Bypass and ends at 16th Street SW on the north side of the river near the Minot Water Treatment Plant. This portion is mostly earthen levees and includes a road closure to protect portions of southwest Minot.

-Phase 3. The Forest Road project will provide improvements near the Souris Valley Golf Course, and will protect a portion of southwest Minot.

-Phase 4. The Maple Diversion will redirect water in instances of a flood threat, and will protect a large portion of northwest Minot.

Tieback levees on the east and west ends of Phase 1 and Phase 2 will tie the flood protection into high ground.

The bill now goes to Gov. Doug Burgum for his signature. The bill passed through conference committee on Tuesday, and was approved by members of the House of Representatives later that day. The Senate approved the bill on Wednesday.

“Thanks to our state and city leaders, Minot is well on its way to being a more resilient community. These first four phases will help alleviate a lot of stress and burden from so many of our citizens. There isn’t a price tag you can really put on that sense of security,” said Barry.

For additional information or interviews contact the Public Information Office at 701-857-4727 or by email at pio@minotnd.org.

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