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Posted on: February 7, 2018

#Throwback Thursday

Horses for the Fire Department - In the early days of the Minot Fire Department when it was located on 1st Avenue, the first fire trucks were horse-drawn wagons. The horses were kept on the ground floor, toward the back of the Fire Hall. When the first motorized vehicles were added in 1912, they had smooth tires and had very little traction. At times the horses were put into service to pull the motorized fire trucks. There was a gentleman name Mike Savage, with two horses, who lived out by Porter Brothers. The horses were named Babe and Bess. He had a contract to provide horses, if needed, to get into tight spots or to help in the winter months. It turns out that the horses were owned by the city and Mike took care of them and provided them room and board. In return he was allowed to use the horses for his personal use, which was digging basements among other things.

Mayor of Third Street – This individual controlled what happened on Third Street. Because of his control over the Third Street area, things were rather peaceful. The area pretty much was self-policed. One of the local, well-known individuals on Third Street we will refer to him as “Jim” had an altercation with the “Mayor” and slapped him. The “Mayor of Third Street” looked at Jim and told him he had until evening to get out of town. Jim left town and went to Winnipeg. Jim did not return until the “Mayor” was dead. This occurred on a hunting trip. The “Mayor” and a number of his cronies were out hunting and drinking. The practice was to have someone sitting on the front fenders of the car as they drove along looking for game. They group was driving down a corn field looking for pheasants. When they got to the end they noticed the “Mayor” was not on the front of the car; he was gone. He was laying in the road. They had run over him, breaking both of his legs. His friends took him to town and to the hospital. He died that night due to an infection that got into his bloodstream. After that, “Jim” was able to safely return to Minot.

Ladies of the Night Shopping – The ladies of Third Street were regular customers at many of the best clothing stores in Minot. They had their own shopping time. Years ago, all the stores in downtown Minot were open every Thursday evening until 9 p.m. Since the stores were open later in the evening they would open later in the morning on Thursdays. Many of the stores like S&L, Bader’s and others would open between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. just for the Ladies of Third Street to shop. They would always pay in cash and were always done shopping by the time the stores opened for regular business. The Ladies of Third Street would spend a lot of money and did not disturb the regular shoppers and could shop in peace.

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#Throwback Thursday

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