Routes and Schedule

Residential garbage is collected by the City of Minot's Sanitation Department twice a week, as follows:

-Tuesday and Friday collection for residences located north of 11th Avenue SW, north of 31st Avenue NE and west of Broadway

-Monday and Thursday collection for all other residential areas

Garbage Must Be Set Out By 7:00 AM On The Day Of Collection To Ensure Pickup!

Winter Collection

During winter and heavy snow conditions, garbage must be placed on the corner of the driveway, free from obstructions and accessible to the crews.


Garbage will NOT be picked up on the following holidays:

New Years Day
Presidents Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day


A monthly charge of $10.18 per dwelling unit is added to each resident's water bill. This amount includes the cost of collection of all residential garbage and the cost of burying that garbage in the City of Minot's Landfill. Fees are based upon the current operating budget and are adjusted periodically to reflect the cost of service.

Hazardous Waste Collection


The City of Minot will sponsor an annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program at the City of Minot Public Works building on May 15th and 16th (2015) from 8 am to 5 pm both days. All household hazardous waste not normally picked up by the sanitation crews may be brought to this program free of charge for City of Minot residents only.


The household hazardous waste drop off and exchange facility at the landfill will be open during normal landfill hours, from April 15th to Oct. 1st.  The facility will collect paint, stains, varnishes, solvents, oil, pesticides, herbicides, car care products, and household cleaning products free of charge for City garbage collection patrons only.  Collected items deemed suitable for reuse will be available, free of charge, to persons wanting them.

Asbestos and other hazardous materials - Please call 857-4140

Collection Locations

Street Collection:

Garbage must be placed within 15 feet of the curb or pavement edge. Garbage may not be placed for collection prior to 6:00 p.m. the day before collection.  Containers must be removed from the collection point before 10:00 p.m. the day of collection.

Alley Collection:

Garbage must be placed within 6 feet of the alley in a place where access is not impeded by a fence or other obstruction. 


Household waste must be contained in plastic bags, boxes or cans. Trash cans are to be made of metal or plastic, have tapered sides, and handles suitable for lifting and dumping. Lids must be removable, and not fastened to the container in any way. The maximum capacity of the container cannot exceed 34 gallons. Weight must not exceed 50 pounds.

Containers may not be placed for collection before 6:00 PM on the day prior to collection day and must be removed from the collection point before 10:00 PM on the day the container was emptied.  A sanitation penalty may be applied to  the water bill if a person is penalized for the alleged offense.

Construction Debris

City crews do not pick up debris from new home construction. New home construction covers the first year from the time the water is turned on.  All waste generated by a contractor will be the responsibility of the contractor or occupant. 

Rental and Investment Properties

All construction, demolition debris, along with bulk items left behind by tenants at an investment/rental property during the time of no tenant occupancy, are the responsibility of the property owner and cannot be placed on the curb for pick up by sanitation crews. 

Trash Truck/Rolloff Containers

If you have an excessive amount of both demolotion and household waste, the Public Works Department will provide a roll-off. This container is offered for City garbage collection patrons only. To receive this service, contact the City of Minot Public Works Department for scheduling by calling 857-4140. The charge for this is $75 per dump.


Trucks and trailers that haul debris to the landfill must be hydraulically lifted. (No Winch and Trailers Allowed)

Yard Waste (Compost)

Yard Waste Collection Sites

The City does not collect yard waste with its collection crews. If you wish to dispose of yard waste, you can haul it to the City of Minot Landfill, free of charge, or haul the yard waste to one of the ten compost sites located around the City of Minot (the sites are illustrated on the map). DO NOT mix yard waste with household garbage.

These compost sites are for City of Minot garbage collection patrons only and are not to be used by non-residents or by commercial haulers.

Yard waste includes grass clippings, garden waste, leaves, vines, flowers, flowerbed clippings and apples that have fallen from trees.

Grass clippings returned to the lawn provide up to 25 percent of your lawn's total fertilizer needs. Clippings contain about 4 percent nitrogen, 2 percent potassium and 1 percent phosphorus. While decomposing, they also serve indirectly as a food source for the bacteria in the soil, which are doing many beneficial things (such as decomposing thatch) for a healthy turf environment. 


There are several options available to the citizens of Minot for recycling. Check the yellow pages for names and telephone numbers.

Earth Recycling - 852-0738

KALIX Recycling Center - 852-3700





Branches and Tree Trimmings

Only trees and hedge trimmings cut by the homeowner will be picked up curbside by a separate truck. Trees cut by anyone other than the homeowner will not be hauled by the City.

Tree Removal Policy

Special Wastes

  • Flood Debris: Post flood debris is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractors.

  • Ashes: DO NOT mix ashes with garbage. Only cold ashes will be picked up. Ashes must be placed in a closed plastic bag and set a few feet away from other garbage.

  • Paint/Paint Cans: Empty paint cans or empty solvent containers will be picked up by crews. Paint will be picked up if cement powder or kitty litter is mixed with it to form a solid mass.  From April 15th  to October 1st  liquid paint can be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste drop at the landfill.

  • Motor Oil: Motor oil will not be picked up by crews, however it will be accepted at the landfill. A special receptacle is set up for used oil.

  • Car Batteries: Batteries will not be picked up by crews. Many retailers accept old car batteries when you purchase a new one.

  • Animal Waste: Animal waste should be placed in sealed plastic bags before placing in cans.

  • Medical Waste: Place your used syringes, lancets and like materials in a puncture resistant container (like a sealed empty liquid detergent bottle).

  • Sharp Objects: Place broken glass, sharp metal pieces or any other sharp items in a puncture resistant container.

  • Christmas Trees: Christmas trees will be picked up after Christmas from the berm or alley. All trees should have bags and stands removed for easy process. The trees are used for mulch by the Park System.

Electronic Recycling (E-Recycling)

Click here for more information on E-Recycling

Best Buy accepts most electronics and large appliances, with a few exceptions, and will take them at no charge.
Exceptions may apply.*

*Recycling is intended for residents only. Products from businesses and organizations are not accepted.Items that present a health or safety hazard are not accepted.

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