Community Data

Where is Minot Located?

Time Zone: Central
Latitude: 48 degrees, 18 minutes North
Longitude: 101 degrees, 20 minutes West
Elevation: 1,631 feet
Area: 15.029 sq miles

Distance in miles from State lines:
Montana: 150
Minnesota: 215
South Dakota: 200

Canadian International Boundary: 55

Area Code: 701

What is Minot's Population?

Year      Minot      Ward County

2010     40,888       61,675

2000     36,567       58,795

1990     34,544       57,921

1980     32,843       58,392

1970     32,290       58,560

1960     30,987       47,072

1950     22,032       34,782

What is Minot's Climate?

The Minot area has four distinct season - spring, summer, fall and winter. Summers tend to be quite warm and dry, which provides an excellent environment for many of North Dakota's outdoor activities such as golf, fishing, swimming, etc. In the fall, the leaves begin to change to beautiful reds and oranges which can be quite pleasant.

Avg. Temps     High     Low

Winter              15° F     -2° F

Spring              51° F     31° F

Summer           82° F     58° F

Fall                   56° F     35° F

What is the History of Minot?

Minot came into existence in 1886, when Jim Hill's Great Northern Railroad ended its push through the state for the winter, after having trouble constructing a trestle across Gassman Coulee. A tent town sprung up over night, as if by magic, thus the city came to be known as the "Magic City". The town site was chosen by the railroad to be placed on the land of then homesteader Erik Ramstad. Mr. Ramstad was convinced to relinquish his claim, and became one of the city leaders. The town was named after Henry Davis Minot, a railroad investor and friend of Jim Hill. The city was incorporated on June 28, 1887. Minot was a typical western boom town in its early years. The 1950s saw the construction of the Minot Air Force Base, an Air Defense Command Base that later became a Strategic Air Command Bomber & Minuteman missile base. In 1969, a severe flood on the Souris River devastated the city. Following this, the Army Corps of Engineers straightened the path of the river through the city and built several flood control structures.

What Educational Opportunities does Minot provide?

The Minot Public School District has 11 elementary schools located in the city: Bel Air, Bell, Edison, Lewis and Clark, Lincoln, Longfellow, McKinley, Roosevelt, Perkett, Sunnyside and Washington. There are also two elementary schools located on the Minot Air Force Base, Dakota and North Plains.

There are two middle schools in the city, Jim Hill and Erik Ramstad. Memorial Middle School is located on Minot Air Force Base

There is one high school on two campuses: Minot High School - Central Campus (for grades 9 and 10) and Minot High School - Magic City Campus (for grades 11 and 12).  Minot Public Schools also offers an Adult Learning Center and Souris River Campus, an alternative school.

For private schools, Minot has a Catholic school system with two elementary schools, St. Leo's and Little Flower, and a combined middle and high school, Bishop Ryan. There is also a Protestant K-12 school, Our Redeemer's Christian School. Minot is also home to Minot State University.

What are typical Housing Costs in Minot?

Average Rental*
Two bedrooms, two baths, plus electricity         $850/mo

Average Purchase Price**
Three bedrooms, 1,500 to 2,000 square feet (main floor)                         $214,700

Average Building Price*
Three bedrooms, 1,500 to 2,000 square feet (main floor)                          $270,800

* The American Chamber of Commerce Research Association Statistics (3Q 2010)
** Minot Multiple Listing (Dec. 2010)

What Transportation Services are Available in Minot?

Minot City Bus Service
400 1st Ave SW
300 18th Ave SW
25 Airport Road
Minot City Cab
Souris Basin Transportation
11 1st St SE
Rural Public Transportation
Taxi 9000    
500 35th St NE
Northland Bus Service
4105 Burdick Expressway East

What Churches are in Minot?

The Minot Area Chamber of Commerce has compiled a list of local religious establishments!

What Recreational Facilities does Minot offer?

Bowling, Golf Courses, Basketball Courts, Parks, Softball Fields, Walking Trails, Playgrounds, Volleyball/Sand Courts, Ice Skating Rinks, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Camping Areas, Fishing Piers and much more! 

What News Media companies are cover Minot??

The Minot Daily News is the primary daily newspaper in Minot. KXMC-TV and KMOT-TV offer live local news coverage for Minot and the surrounding communities.

What Utility Companies offer services in Minot?

Electric Xcel Energy
  Verendrye Electric Corp.
Natural Gas Montana-Dakota Utilities
  Minot Public Works
Solid Waste Disposal Water Maintenance

Sanitation Department
Water City Water System
Cable Television Midcontinent Communications 1-800-888-1300
Telephone Service SRT Communications, Inc. 701-858-1200

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