City Manager

Welcome to our official city government web page. We are pleased to be able to provide Minot's citizens, friends of Minot, and all others interested, with a variety of information about our "Magic City"!

Of particular interest, please note the greeting under our “City Mayor” link. Additionally the section titled "City Council" includes  pictures of our governing board as well as a listing of City Council members’ names, addresses, phone numbers and related information. This link also includes a listing of scheduled meetings and their committees. In addition, a complete updated link to our Code of Ordinances and our Zoning Code as well as updated agendas and minutes of City Council, standing committees, and other City Council committees is available.

Another area of interest is our "FAQ" section which provides information on a variety of frequently asked questions (FAQ's). Under the "City Government" menu you will also find a "City Committees" link which provides a comprehensive list of City boards and commissions, as well as a “Volunteer Form” for citizens to let us know of their interest in serving on a committee.

Under the "City Government", "City Departments" Menus, you will find a variety of detailed information about our Airport, Engineering, City Clerk/Human Resources, Police Department, Assessments, Finance Department, Public Works Department, Auditorium/Recreation, Fire Department, Library and Parking Authority. Under the "Finance Department" page you'll find a link to our most recent budgets as well as to our Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and monthly budget and revenue reports.

We also have included a listing of those items that we are soliciting bids on under the "Contracts & Bids" page. And, we've listed current job openings under the "Employment" section.

Our website has additional miscellaneous information under Visitors” which includes: Accommodations, Attractions, City Bus, Maps, Recreational and Visitor’s Guide. A separate home page for our “Events Calendar” will connect you to a wide range of planned events on the community calendar.

Under the “Fire Department” page you will find a link to our "Emergency Information" section. Here citizens will find links to: Homeland Security, Preparedness, Summer Weather, Winter Weather, Hazardous Materials, Fire Safety, Emergency First Aid, Poisons, Plan for Disaster, In-Place Sheltering and related information.

The "Area Links" section provides connections to Minot area business links, government links, education links, youth organization links and housing links. Entering any of these links will provide you with valuable information about our progressive community.

All told, you will find a vast amount of information at your fingertips regarding our hometown. For many years, we in Minot have taken pride in the fact that as a community, we have taken "personal responsibility" for the future growth and development of our community. We believe that our web page will allow you an insight into the inner-workings of our community, providing you with an increased ability to participate in the decision-making processes related to the vision of a greater Minot. We encourage you to explore our web site and join in the excitement.

Lee Staab
City Manager
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Welcome To Our City of Minot Website!

In the winter of 1886, when the Great Northern Railway ended the push through North Dakota, something magical happened.  A small city was born, and within just a few months, the population grew to over 5000.  Minot has been “The Magic City” ever since, and today, more than ever in our history, that magic is living on.

Minot is not only home to one of the nation’s best economies and job markets, we maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, low crime rate, and a very strong housing market.  We have a thriving arts community, top-notch schools, outdoor activities for every season, and so much more.  The growth that our area has seen as a result of the energy boom in western North Dakota has also brought many new shopping and entertainment options to our community.

If you’re already a part of our community, thank you. If you’re considering relocating your home or business to Minot, or simply thinking about a visit -- please do!  Once you’re here, you’ll know exactly why we’re so proud of our Magic City.

Mayor Chuck Barney