Renaissance Zone Review Board


  • Justin Anderson, Minot Area Council of the Arts
    Term expiry: December 2023
  • Kerry Candrian, Minot Housing Authority
    Term expiry: December 2023
  • Josh Wolsky, Downtown Business & Professional Organization
    Term expiry: December 2023
  • Betty Fedorchak, Private Sector
    Term: January 2007 - January 2022
  • Kevin Black, MACEDC
    Term expiry: December 31, 2024

  • Jason Bentley, Bremer Bank
    Term expiry: June 2022
  • Pete Hugret, Chair, Private Sector
    Term: January 2002 - January 2023
  • Jen Cook, 
    Term expiry: January 2023 
  • Michael King, First Western Bank
    Term expiry: January 2023
  • Pat Bailey, Vice-Chair, Minot Association of Builders 
    Term expiry: January 2022

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To develop and review all applications and/or proposals for help from the Renaissance Zone legislation.

Appointment, Membership, Term

The board will be composed of nine members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Minot City Council. Board appointments will be considered from the following areas of interest: two at-large members from the private sector; two representatives from the financial sector; and one representative from each of the following: Minot Housing Authority, Minot area Council of the Arts, Minot Board of Realtors, Downtown Business and Professional Organization and the Minot Association of Builders.

In order to provide that only 3 members of the committee be re-appointed or replaced each year, the terms for members of this board will be:
  • 3 members for 1 year (expire January 2003)
  • 3 members for 2 years (expire 2004)
  • 3 members for 3 years (expire January 2005)
Any appointments or re-appointments from that point on will be for 3 year terms.


Chapter 40-63, North Dakota Century Code
City of Minot Renaissance Zone Development Plan - Section II
Revised 1/2018