State of the City

The inaugural City of Minot State of the City highlighted previous City activities and discussed Minot’s future. The first-ever event for the City was held at the Arvel Graving Theater on Magic City Campus. 

Mayor, Chuck Barney, discussed the history of Minot and how that led us to today. In his address, the Mayor discussed ongoing efforts of Flood Protection, the state of the City's finances and how efforts now will lead to a more efficient tomorrow. Mayor Barney also spoke to the future of Minot and all the great things on the horizon.

In addition, Mayor Chuck Barney announced the winner of the first-ever Mayor's writing challenge to area fifth graders. He tasked them to write about why they love Minot. 

President of the City Council unveiled the newest symbol of the city.

2018 State of the City

2018 State of the City: Full Broadcast

Mayor Barney State of the City: Past

Mayor Barney State of the City: Present

Mayor Barney State of the City: Future

Mayor's Writing Challenge Winner: Grayson Shaeffer

City of Minot Flag Ceremony

The City of Minot - A Perfect Place to Live, Work, Play, and Stay