Spot Blight Properties

City of Minot Requests for Sealed Bids

The City of Minot, North Dakota is requesting sealed bids for land acquired by the City as part of a Spot Blight (Zombie Homes) eradication program.

Structures on these properties have been demolished and site restored to grade level with grass.

Each bid must also include a five (5) percent bidders’ bond in a separate envelope attached to the bid envelope. Acceptable will be cashier checks, bidder bond, or cash. Any outstanding balance must be paid within fifteen (15) days of highest bid award.

Pursuant to HUD rules and regulations, these properties are being offered for use under two options which are:

  1. Urgent Need National Objective which means there will be a deed restriction in perpetuity for use of the property prohibiting any permanent structure to be built. There will also be a requirement that any other type of improvement to the site will require approval of the City’s Flood Plain Manager (examples of acceptable uses are lawns, landscaping, gardens) or
  2. Low/Moderate Income (LMI) National Objective which means there must be built on the property consistent with Minot’s rules and ordinances a single-family home elevated to one (1) foot above base flood elevation determined by FEMA and home must be sold to and occupied by a LMI qualified purchaser for occupancy below a price cap set by HUD and North Dakota at the time the house is built (cap periodically changes) with the most recent cap $311,979.

 Land is being offered “as is” condition as part of this auction. Assessment of the land for property tax and any related purpose once ownership is conveyed to the successful bidder will be based on standards set by the City Assessor based on use of the land and/or any improvements which are authorized.

Each bidder must identify which option is being chosen for property use if acquired. Each bidder, by submitting a price and identifying which use, is agreeing to all terms, conditions, and limits for the use of the land that has been identified.

If Option 2 is chosen, the bidder is agreeing to follow jurisdictional ordinances and zoning codes. Bidder also agrees to commence construction within one year of receiving title and complete construction for occupancy within 18 months of receipt of title. The bidder can be a LMI qualified Minot resident and construct the house for his or her occupancy.

The following is a list of properties available to the highest bidder. A minimum bid of $1,000 is required for all properties, regardless of whether Option 1 or Option 2 is chosen.

Addresses of spot blight properties: 

  • 215 6th St NW
  • 326 7th St NW
  • 818 6th Ave NW
  • 429 4th Ave NW
  • 1613 1st Ave SE
  • 114 7th St NW
  • 524 8th St NW

Properties may be viewed and inspected at any time during the bid process. If a prospective bidder chooses to enter any of the sites being bid, he or she is accepting based on this notice all liability and responsibility for entering such site or sites.

All envelopes must be sealed, and the face of the envelope shall be clearly marked “City Property for Sale” with the address of the structure being bid on. Any bidder may bid on more than one property, however only one bid may be submitted per envelope and a separate performance bond is required for each bid. All bids must be submitted as follows:

Attn: Finance Department

City of Minot

P.O. Box 5006

Minot, ND 58702


Or hand delivered to:

515 2nd Ave SW

Second Floor

Minot, ND 58701

Bids will be opened on Tuesday November 23rd at 2:00 PM in the City Council Chambers at City Hall (515 2nd Ave SW, Minot, North Dakota). Any bids received after the deadline will be returned unopened.

The City of Minot reserves, to itself, the right to reject any or all bids.

Questions should be addressed to Finance Office/Compliance Officer at 701-857-4784/701-837-3637.

The City of Minot promotes fair housing and makes all programs available regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap.

215 6th Street NW215 6th St NW spot blight

326 7th Street NW326 7th St NW spot blight

818 6th Avenue NW818 6th Ave NW spot blight

429 4th Ave NW429 4th Ave NW spot blight

1613 1st Avenue SE1613 1st Ave SE spot blight

114 7th Street NW114 7th St NW spot blight

524 8th Street NW524 8th St NW spot blight