City of Minot
Regular Planning Commission Meeting
Tuesday, March 01, 2022 at 5:30 PM
City Council Chambers, City Hall

This meeting will be conducted with social distancing modifications consistent with the recommendations of the CDC. Members of the public may attend but are encouraged to view the live airing of the Planning Commission meeting on Channel 19 or streamed through the City’s YouTube channel.

Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of February 01, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes


Case # 2022-03-06. Variance - WITHDRAWN

Public hearing request on an application from Joseph Crary, contract-for-deed holder, for a variance to Section 4.1-6 C. 1. f. to reduce the minimum distance for an auto repair or auto maintenance use to be separated from a residential use or zoning district as measured along the street from 150’ to 0’. The legal description for the property is Lot 1, South Park Terrace 17th Addition.  

The address for the property is 629 20th Ave. SE


Case # 2022-03-02. Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat

Public hearing request on an application from Jacquelyn Ortega and Luis Cortez, owners for a preliminary plat, to subdivide 20 lots into 38 lots for the purpose of establishing individual ownership for each half of a Twin Home development.  The proposed plat is to be known as Bolton Heights 12th Addition.  The legal description of the property is Lots 1 through 20 of Bolton Heights 11th Addition, to the City of Minot, North Dakota.    

The property contains numerous addresses, including 3301 through 3433 along the southside of 20th Ave. NW and 1924 and the adjoining unaddressed lot located on the east side of 35th St. NW.  


Case # 2022-03-03. Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat

Public hearing request on an application from Moore Engineering, representing Steve Larson, owner for a Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat to subdivide an unplatted portion of land into two lots.  The subdivision is to be known as Larson’s Subdivision.  The property is legally known as the SE1/4 of Section 30, Township 156N, Range 82W, Ward County, North Dakota.  

The address for the property is 2281 62nd Ave. NE  


Case # 2022-03-04. Zoning and Future Land Use Map Amendments

Public hearing request on an application from Melissa Wright, representing Harmony Heights, LLC and ORMA, LLC, owners, for a zoning map amendment from “M1” Light Industrial to “CBD” Central Business District and a future land use map amendment from Industrial to Downtown Mixed Use for the purpose of qualifying for a façade improvement grant, which is limited to those properties in the “CBD” Central Business District.  The legal description for the properties are Lot 1, Baker’s Rearrangement of a portion of Lots 1, 2, 3, 11 and 12, Block 30, First Addition to the City of Minot and Lot 2, Baker’s Rearrangement of a portion of Lots 1, 2, 3, 11 and 12, Block 30, First Addition to the City of Minot.  

The addresses for the properties are 12 3rd St. SE and 212 E. Central Ave. 


Case # 2022-03-05. Zoning Map Amendment – “PUD Overlay” Planned Unit Development

Public hearing request on an application by Project Bee, applicant on behalf of City of Minot, owner, for a zoning map amendment from “C2” General Commercial to “C2” General Commercial and “PUD Overlay” Planned Unit Development.  The purpose for the request surrounds a mix of housing for homeless and low-to-moderate income families, a commercial restaurant, office space, and space for congregate meals.   The legal description for the property is Outlots 4, 6 & 7 of the SW ¼ SW ¼ Less Parcel 1-7A. of Section 25, Township 155 North, Range 83 West.  

The property is located at 1901 S Broadway. 


Case # 2022-03-01. Text Amendment

Public hearing request on an application from Harold Stewart, City Manager, on behalf of the City of Minot for a text amendment to the Land Development Ordinance of the City of Minot (LDO).  The proposed changes are the product of the City’s annual “clean-up” ordinance and primarily focus on adding clarifying language to bolster the respective section’s original intent.  Proposed changes Chapters 2.3 Definitions, Section 6.1-7 (B) Parking Location Requirements, Section 7.1-1 B. Applicability (of landscaping regulations), Section 7.1-1 F. Single Family and Two Family Lots, Section 7.1-1 I. Landscaping within Boulevard or Right-of-Way Limited, Section 13.1-4 D. Replacement Criteria (non-conforming residences), Section 1.2-7. Land Use Application Fees, Sign Permit Fees, and Administrative Review Fees, Section 4.1-7. G. Manufacture or Storage of Fertilizer, Petroleum, and similar Hazardous Materials and Compounds, Table 2.2. Table of Uses, Section 3.1-1 C. General Development Principals, Section 13.1-2. D. Nonconforming Lots of Record, Table 1.2: Zoning Equivalency Table, Section 6.1-7. Parking and Related Outdoor Storage Requirements, Section 3.1-3. C. – Residing in RV Prohibited (outside of approved areas), Section 6.1-2 F. 7. Parking Space Requirements for Use Changes, Enlargements, or Modifications, Section 5.1-4. B. 6. Exempt signs, Table 5.1-6(c). District Requirement for Attached On-Premise Permanent Signs, Section 9.1-2. B. Master sign Plan Evaluation Criteria, Section 5.2-1 Sign-Related Terminology, Section 4.2-3 Requirements Applicable in All Districts, Section 2.12-6. L. Streets related to manufactured home park onsite circulation widths, Section 3.1-5 C. Location of Off-Street Parking, Section 6.1-5. C. Conventional Paving, and Chapter 5.2 – Definition related to sign area.  Some of the preceding code references are proposed to be added or relocated from another section and may not specifically identify their final location within the LDO.      


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