City of Minot
City Council Regular Meeting
Monday, May 1, 2017 - 6:30 PM
Minot City Council Chambers - City Hall
Any person needing special accommodation for this meeting is requested to notify the City Clerk's Office at 857-4752


Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of minutes of the April 3, 2017 Regular City Council meeting.

  1. 170403.pdf

Approval of bills and transfers for April 2017 in the amount of $3,568,820.98 and payroll for the period of March 19, 2017 through April 15, 2017 in the amount of $1,928,821.34.


Public Hearing

A Public Hearing to consider the request by Larry Schafer, owner of an accessory building, to relocate this structure from 306 Maple Street to 3520 30th St NW also known as SE SW Less Portion Outlot 1, N2SW Less Highway S3-155-83. (Public Works & Safety Committee Item # 12)

Personal Appearances


Reports: Mayor


Reports: City Manager - City Attorney


Consider the report of the Planning Commission

  1. Subdivision of St. Johns 2nd Addition, Lots 1 & 2
  2. Rezoning St. Johns 2nd Addition, Lot 1 from R1 (Single Family Residential) District to P (Public) District for the purpose of building a fire station.
  3. Proposed ordinance amending the Minot Zoning Code of Ordinances

Consider the report of the Finance and Improvements Committee

  1. 2018 Jag & Lottery Grant Application (PD0132)
  2. Award of Bid- Library Exterior Renovation (LIB024)
  3. Amend the 2017 Annual Budget- Fire Capital Purchase Expenditures
  4. Final Payment- 37th Ave Reconstruction Project (3647)
  5. Approve Kyle Medeiros Limited Practice of Law
  6. Award of Bid- Cemetery Utility Vehicle (4259)
  7. Award of Bid- Wide Area Turf Mower (4273)
  8. Award of Bid- Trailer Mounted Air Compressor (4266)
  9. Ordinances on Second Reading
  10. Award of Bid- 4x4 Pickups- Multiple Departments (4265)
  11. Eminent Domain Authority
  12. Eminent Domain Legal Services (DR0003)
  1. 170425finance.pdf

Consider the report of the Public Works and Safety Committee

  1. Reclassification of Sanitation Employees
  2. Request for Permanent Encroachment Within City Right-Of-Way for 501 31st Ave SW Asphalt Pavement in The Boulevard
  3. Establishment of Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees for Flickertail 2nd Addition Development (3872.1)
  4. Establishment of Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees for Minot Prairie Industrial Park 2nd Addition Development (4098)
  5. Request to Donate 2002 Special Operations Trailer to Minot Rural Fire Department
  6. HVAC and Plumbing Permit Fees
  7. Mouse River Enhanced Floor Protection Project- Utility Relocation Agreements (3529)
  8. Sundre Raw Water Line Re-Route (4195)- Engineering Amendment
  9. NE Water Distribution (4156)
  10. 30th Ave NE Gravity Sewer (Project Number 3490.5)
  11. Ordinances on Second Reading
  12. Building Relocation- 3520 30th St NW
  13. Sundre Raw Water Line Re-Route 4195.0 and 4195.1 Bid Approval
  14. Burdick Expressway Reconstruction 9th St to 15th St (4179)
  1. 170426pw.pdf

Consider the report of the Airport Committee

  1. Assignment of Lease of T-Hanger No. 5 to Jason Nelson
  2. Award of Quote- Escalator Cleaner
  3. Award of Quote- Floor Burnisher (AIR056)
  1. 170425airport.pdf

Consider the report of the Liquor/Gambling Control Committee

  1. Administrative Approvals for April
  2. Gaming Site Authorizations- Annual Gaming Organization Renewals
  1. 170426liquor.pdf

Consider the report of the Pension Board

  1. Approve the request for City of Minot Pension Refunds
  2. Approve the request for City of Minot Pension Retirement Benefits
  3. Approve the request for Deferred Vested Benefits
  4. Approve the request for Survivor Benefits
  5. Approve Asset Allocation Letters

Other Business

  1. Approval of 2018 Budget Schedule
  2. Update on Legislative Session- Shane Goettle