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Posted on: April 3, 2019

City updates capital improvement plan

The Minot City Council approved a new, comprehensive capital improvement plan at its April 4 meeting.

City Engineer Lance Meyer, who presented the plan to council members in March, said as many as 800 hours of work went into creating the detailed document.

 “Every city does this. It’s a normal process that we undertake to make sure that we’re planning for the growth of the city appropriately,” Meyer told council members.

Members of the council had previously expressed a desire to have more detailed information on the City’s capital improvement projects, spurring the creation of the updated plan. The engineering department compiled the data, with major input from other City departments.

“We asked each department for a lot of information, including list of projects, their start year, how projects would be funded, and what the cost would be,” Meyer said. “And then we used that data to create this plan.

Meyer said project approval from council members is now sought early in the process instead of at budget time. “Instead of seeing this at budget time, as has been done in the past, you are seeing the plan now, in March,” Meyer told council members during his presentation at the March 4 meeting.

Projects are scored using written criteria, Meyer said. Departments have always used this criteria, but it is now formalized and standardized. As an example, projects are ranked within the engineering department based on multiple criteria, including federal/state funding opportunities, replacement of critical infrastructure, safety improvement, classification of the roadway, and project feasibility.

There are several advantages to the new method of creating the capital improvement plan.

  • Departments all use the same process for each project.
  • Each department’s projects are combined into a single spreadsheet and rankings are created based on project scores.
  • A summary spreadsheet is used to collect data from all departments.
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