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Automated Trash Collection

  1. Waste Cart Swaps or Additions

    Residential garbage collections patrons can elect to swap their cart for a different size or request additional carts.

City Clerk

  1. Parks & Recreation Merger Comments

    The City of Minot and the Park Board would like to hear your opinion on the potential consolidation of Parks & Recreation.

  2. Temporary Alcoholic Beverage License Amendment
  1. Special Event Permit

    PURSUANT TO CMCO SECTION 5-40(b) and NDCC 5-02-01.1, this permit may not be used for the "off sale" of alcoholic beverages. An event... More…

City Council Meeting Feedback Form

  1. Council Feedback Form

    Citizen Feedback Form drafted to submit public feedback and comment on specific City Council Meeting Agenda Items.

Grocery Delivery

  1. Grocery Delivery Request

    In a response for community need during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers are being dispatched to help deliver groceries to our... More…

Public Information Request

  1. Public Information Request

    Use this form for general information